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Question 1
Contacting Gunnedah Dental Centre is easy

Question 2
When I contact Gunnedah Dental Centre, the staff understands the urgency of my needs.

Question 3
When I make an appointment at Gunnedah Dental Centre for routine care, I am able to see the dentist I request.

Question 4
I feel respected by my dentist

Question 5
I feel respected by the other staff at Gunnedah Dental Centre

Question 6
I believe they use good infection control measures at Gunnedah Dental Centre

Question 7
The reception area and dental surgeries are very clean

Question 8
The educational material and other handouts I am given are useful.

Question 9
My Dentist explains what things I can do to improve my mouth, teeth and gums.

Question 10
I feel I am given enough information by my dentist to make decisions about my treatment.

Question 11
I feel I am provided with sufficient information about the costs of my appointment and recommended treatments.

Question 12
Have you been prescribed medication, or had oral health products recommended by your Dentist?

Question 13
My Dentist explained to me how to use the medication or oral health product they recommended and recommended treatments.

Question 14
I feel my personal information and dental records are protected by Gunnedah Dental Centre.

Question 15
Gunnedah Dental Centre makes it clear how I can communicate concerns and complaints to them.

Question 16
I will use Gunnedah Dental Centre again.

Question 17
I am happy to recommend Dr McAnulty & Associates Dental Practice to my friends and family.

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